Mom's club collects items for local nonprofit

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Magic Valley Meet Other Mom's Club looks for baby item donations to give to Stanton Healthcare.

The club set up boxes around the valley to collect baby items such as baby wipes, clothes, bottles and more.

These items will go to Stanton Healthcare to help supply the baby needs closet for families and babies in need.

Locations include Stanton Healthcare, the Jerome Public Library, Rosetta Assisted Living in Burley, WIC and the Church of Nazarene in Twin Falls.

Founder of the Magic Valley M.O.M's Club, Marie Proost, started the drive because she saw the the supply of baby items that Stanton Healthcare had was little.

"I just wanted to help, you know? I just wanted to fill that up and be a blessing to someone who does such good in our town," says Proost.

This is the first year the club is doing the drive and November will be the one year anniversary for the club.

The drive goes from Oct. 6 until Oct. 13. On the last day of collection, the club will be out at Albertson's collecting and talking to customers about the drive.

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