Magic Valley Paramedic's Special Operation Rescue Team gets new rescue truck

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Magic Valley Paramedic's Special Operation Rescue Team, or SORT, recently bought a new rescue truck.

SORT Director Chad Smith said the team has been trying to get a new vehicle for three years.

"We bought a new truck chassis and we're remounting our old box off and onto it," Smith said.

The old truck was a 1993 Chevy pickup, and Smith said they just "really needed a new one" as it was outdated and had a lot of miles.

Smith said they had a lot of help from Twin Falls County, the EMS Taxing District, fundraising through the Paramedic's Soiree and Lammer's Truck Center, they were able to get the new truck and switch the boxes.

"We have these trucks where we do these rescues. They're usually in the canyon where we can't get to with an ambulance or by normal methods" he continued. "We need our rope team and rope rescue equipment, so we have a four-wheel drive truck that we can get off road and get in areas of the canyon that are not accessible by normal methods."

Smith said the truck was bought in December and they hope to have it in service by the first part of March.

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