Magic Valley featured in video from Visit Idaho

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Visit Idaho is working on getting the word out about the Gem State, by releasing a seven part YouTube series on things to do, visit and see.

The Magic Valley is featured in episode four, and talks about Cloverleaf Creamery, Shoshone Falls and Blue Heart Springs in Hagerman.

KMVT talked with Melissa Barry, the executive director of Southern Idaho Tourism, who explained what else draws tourists from all over the world to the Magic Valley.

"In our specific area I think people are more surprised by the canyons. We can just be driving through miles of sage brush and lava rock, and all of a sudden, you come upon this hidden oasis,” Barry stated.

Barry also said that the films put out by Visit Idaho are helping people realize Idaho isn't just potatoes.

"Because we have such a strong agricultural background, which we do and we're very proud of that. But as far as outdoor recreation, we have many, many different opportunities,” Barry stated.

And at the Visitor’s Center, volunteer Dawn Hutchinson knows what brings people in.

"Shoshone Falls, they've heard of that, and want to go see that. Or when they drive over the bridge, the Perrine Bridge, and notice the canyon, they stop just to see that. A lot of them ask in the summer time where Evel Knievel jumped the canyon at,” Hutchinson explained.

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