Magic Valley physician warns parents of toxic challenge

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Physicians in the Magic Valley are warning parents to talk to their kids about the Tide Pod challenge.

Teens started the trend, putting the brightly colored laundry pods in their mouths and biting down on them. They then uploaded the videos on YouTube, encouraging others to follow suit.

Doctor Joshua Kern, from St Luke's, said he recommends parents be aware of what their kids are watching and posting on social media.

“If they're sharing a lot of videos of people doing pod challenges that might be a good reason to talk to them about the lack of safety in that activity,” he said.

On the labels of the Tide and other laundry pods are large warning labels reading “harmful if put in mouth.”

Kern warned parents the detergent in these pods is very concentrated and can cause severe burns.

He advised that if parents think their child has ingested this, call poison control and consider taking them in to the emergency room.

If they are not breathing, he said you should immediately call 911.

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