Make-A-Wish grants Gooding boy his wish for decked-out Seattle Seahawks themed room

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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Make-A-Wish foundation granted a wish for a 13-year-old boy in Gooding.

Photo of Moi Villanueva, a Make a Wish foundation grantee. (KMVT image)

"A desk, my wall painted, a new dresser, a TV, an X-box, and a new bed. And a carpet," listed Moi Villanueva, who got his wish granted by the foundation.

In his 13 years of life, he's had 13 surgeries.

"Moi was born with spina bifida. From that, he has always had some paralysis but before he could walk with parallel bars," said Kimberley Cervantes, Moi's mother.

But then in February 2017, he had a surgery to untether his spinal cord.

"Which left him pretty much completely paralyzed," she said.

His doctor then referred them to the foundation, where he got a room decked out in Seattle Seahawks swag, a team that his cousin loves — a person who Moi looks up to.

"He plays for Gooding (football)," Moi said.

The fire chief of Gooding Fire District was called for a special project.

"Make-A-Wish foundation called me and asked me if I still painted houses on the side and I said yes," said Brandon Covey, fire chief. "She asked if we would paint a bedroom for a young man in Gooding with the Seattle Seahawks colors and we’re kind of Seattle Seahawk fans, so I said yes."

He also gave him something else.

"I met the young man. He was just an awesome kid," Covey said. "We got talking and he said he liked trucks, so I was like 'What about fire trucks?' and he said 'Yeah!'"

He made Moi an assistant fire chief.

"Moi got to wear a fire department shirt and got a badge and checked out the jaws of life and an axe and he was on Cloud Nine," Cervantes said.

"I was just having a good day," Moi said.

A bright spot for Moi in an unimaginable situation for just a 13-year-old boy.

"As a mom to see what he goes through, it's hard. At the same time, health-wise, he is stable and things could be worse. So, we just have to count our blessings, just in a different way," Cervantes said.

Both Moi and his mom would like to thank the foundation and all the volunteers and the fire department for dedicating their time to give him what he wanted.

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