Malta community reciprocating flood relief to those in Texas

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MALTA, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) "Water going everywhere around it, I've never seen that much water in Malta, ever," said Justin Schumann.

Schumann’s family was effected by the flooding earlier this spring.

Heavy snowfall left more run-off this spring than anticipated. The result left towns in Southern Idaho devastated by floods. Residents of Malta knew this all too well.

"Basically, school was put on hold for a few days. Our principals were so great, and they let the students be part of the effort. Out in the parking lot we had sand bagging, and for a few days, students were out there putting sand in bags and they were taking them out to the homes," said school counselor Rachel Jensen.

In times of trouble, the community came together. Turning their attention nationally — the Raft River schools are participating in HATS a national movement that stands for Helping A Texas School.The campaign kicked off Tuesday, Sept. 5 and runs until Friday, Sept. 9.

"It just always felt good to help them. So I mean helping them in Texas is kind of the same feeling knowing you're helping them out so they can get through it,” said Schumann.

Any and all donations are accepted from simple school supplies to household items. The bins may be empty now but are expected to fill quickly. On Friday, the bins will be shipped to Texas through King Farm Trucking based out of Tremonton, Utah.

"Hopefully bring some things in, not necessarily school supplies but other things they remember they were needing when they were helping, and send those things down to Texas," said Jensen.

For those looking to donate but can't get to either the Raft River High School or elementary school, the Cassia School District will be accepting donations at their central office.

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