Man comes to Idaho to see third eclipse

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STANLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Not only has Don Weisbord seen three eclipses, but he's traveled around the world to see them all in totality, and Monday he was eager to share that with anyone who wanted.

"What a wonderful place to come see the eclipse," said Don Weisbord.

It was his first time watching it in the U.S.

"First eclipse I saw was in Guatemala in the late 80s," he said.

He was struck by how quickly it got dark.

"People in the village were banging on pots and pans to try to scare the moon and sun away from each other," he said.

The second time was in Cambodia at Angkor Wat.

"My wife and I saw that eclipse on top of one of the temples...," he said.

On Monday, he was prepared with a telescope and knowledge on exactly what to look for. It was just as exciting for him as the other two times.

"It doesn't get old,” Weisbord said. “In fact, I've started thinking about the next one.”

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