Man found shot dead in Gooding County

Police are still working to figure out where a shooting happened after a man walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound.
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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Authorities are investigating a shooting, where a man was found in a car shot to death in Gooding County, according to Sheriff Shaun Gough of the Gooding County Sheriff's Office.

Gooding deputies were dispatched around 4 p.m.on Monday to the scene near the 3700 block of 2300 E where they discovered Luis Valentin, in a car off a gravel road that appeared to lead to his house.

Valentin was pronounced dead on the scene by deputies, and next of kin has been notified of his passing.

The Gooding County Sheriff's office says the incident is not being investigated as a suicide, and that Luis Valentin had been shot by an unknown person.

Sheriff Gough also said there's currently no threat to the public and the incident remains under investigation.

Information regarding the where, or how many times, the victim had been shot was not available. The age of the victim was also not available.

KMVT will update this with further detail as they are released.

UPDATED 9/8/2019: An earlier version of this article incorrectly spelled Luis Valentin, as Luis Valentine.

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