Man recovers from assault outside of Idaho Falls bar | Family seeks information

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIDK/KIFI) — An Idaho man is in the hospital with serious facial damage after he says he was assaulted while leaving a bar.

The mother of the victim is speaking out after someone did this to her son. The images you are about to see are graphic

Derek Yaegus, 35, was leaving Hurricane's, often known as the Peppertree Bar, when he was attacked. He has facial fractures and his jaw had to be wired shut earlier Sunday.

Yaegus’s mom says he doesn't remember much about the attack and doesn't know who did it. His family is coming together and looking for answers about who did this. His mom posted on Facebook asking for information and she has a message for whoever did this to her son.

“We are going to find you,” said Gina Swem, the victim’s mother. "We've got over 400 shares and we will find you and you will be held accountable. I trust our Idaho Falls police department and this happened at the Peppertree and I trust that the Peppertree cares about their customers that they'll do what they have to do to help us find them too. We will find you."

The bar doesn't have security cameras. Officers are currently investigating and interviewing witnesses.

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