Man rescued from Snake River Canyon treated for minor injuries

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HANSEN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Late Monday night, a Magic Valley ropes rescue team retrieved and treated a man for minor injuries who was stuck about 100 yards down in the Snake River Canyon.

Image courtesy Magic Valley Paramedics Special Operations Rescue Team

The Magic Valley Special Operations Rescue Team was dispatched about 10 p.m. to the Hansen Bridge.

Chad Smith, the Magic Valley Paramedics special operations director, said people reported their friend went hiking down in the canyon and did not return. When they went looking for him, they found him flashing SOS with his flashlight and then called 911.

SORT, First Segregation Fire, Rock Creek Quick Response Unit and Magic Valley Paramedics responded to the area. Air St. Luke’s was called to help locate the man. SORT lowered a rescuer about 450 feet down in to the canyon and found the 27-year-old man on a tiny ledge in the canyon. The man, from out of the area, was taken out of the canyon and treated for minor injuries, but refused to be transported.

The Hansen Bridge was reduced to one lane during the operation. The Rock Creek Fire Department, Jerome County Sheriff’s Office, Jerome County Search and Rescues and Idaho Transportation Department also responded. The rescue took about two hours.

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