Martial arts maneuver the future in trauma emergencies

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SEATTLE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) An emergency medical professor from the University of Washington School of Medicine was subdued during a Jiu Jitsu class when he realized he just found a way to save the lives of trauma victims.

Dr. Nathan White was being held in a knee mount move and recognized the pressure applied to his abdomen might decrease blood flow to his legs.

After researching the technique on multiple healthy subjects, ultrasounds confirmed that performing the maneuver at the abdomen, shoulder and groin reduced blood flow to the brachial and femoral arteries. This easy to learn move may be the best option for traumas where tourniquets are not available.

The findings were published to the emergency medical journal Sunday, Jan. 6.

“This also allows you to keep your hands free while applying pressure and decreasing bleeding at the same time, in case you have other things that you need to be doing with your hands at the same time,” said Dr. White.

White also said that with more research this may be able to be named "Drop the Knee" and compliment the "Stop the Bleed" national initiative.

The next step is to continue to study variations of this technique and then figure out a formal way to teach it.

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