Maybe it's time to give fat biking in the snow a whirl?

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SUN VALLEY, Id. ( KMVT / KSVT ) - If you can ride a bike, chances are you can ride a fat bike.

Fat bikes are built to take you just about anywhere.

Trails for fat biking in the snow are popping up throughout the Wood River Valley.

The Sun Valley Nordic Center is offering some new fat bike trails this season and the Big Wood Fat Bike Park has over six miles of looping trails.

“It’s a single trail that kind of continually connects into other sections. We run it all through the nine holes of the golf course, including the driving range. There’s ups, downs, whoops, arounds. You can kind of take it at any speed that you want to. But it’s relatively flat. If you do every loop included, you’ll probably get 6 ½ miles out of your ride,” said Tate Berry, Wood River Fat Bike Park.

Fat bikes have been gaining popularity in mountain towns for the past five or six years.

They are basically a mountain bike on steroids and could set you back around two grand.

But there are less expensive options out there and you don’t need to be in snow country to hop on the growing trend.

“Fat biking on snow is definitely new to it as well. Fat bikes have been around on dirt and sand for a while now,” said Berry.

Many of the new fat biking winter trails will allow you to bring your dog along for the ride, too.

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