Middle school math masters compete at CSI

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Southern Idaho middle school students participated in a mathematics competition at the College of Southern Idaho Friday.

The event took place with the national Math Counts going on across the country.

According to Josh Baird, the coordinator for the Magic Valley Chapter of Math Counts, Baird said there will be more than 600 separate competitions taking place across the country.

Spectators, parents, and media are not allowed to film any of the subject material in the competition in order to prevent cheating.

The competition consist of four separate levels with half-on problem solving, and the others on speed and accuracy.

"I wish I had the opportunity to do this when I was their age, but our school didn't offer it, so I'm really thankful that these local schools have taken the time to have their student's come and participate," Baird said. "I'm hoping it builds their self-esteem and lets them know that they can do hard things in their life and look forward to college."

Baird went on to say, the top six winning students from the top two schools from the Magic Valley Math Counts chapter will receive the opportunity to head to the state competition in March.

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