Mini-Cassia Christmas Council receives $40K worth of toy donations

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Motorcycle group Brother Speed broke their record of how many toys they donated to the Mini-Cassia Christmas Council this year.

"We'll spend about $33, $34,000 and then what Walmart gives us, it'll be about $40,000," said Gary Pawson, a member of Brother Speed.

Last year the group donated about $30,000.

"It’s just astounding. That they do, it’s just an overwhelming sight," said Linda Short, the president of the Mini-Cassia Christmas Council.

However, this year, the Christmas Council was hit with a break-in and theft.

"It hit us pretty hard and we have lots of, over $10,000 worth of toys that were stolen and sold, to be taken to be sold, broken, damaged," Short said.

With the help of the community, Pawson said they tried to replace some of that.

Though the toys bought this year will be given away next year, Short said they will be helping about 350 families this Christmas.

"Which tells me the economy is a little better. That’s good, we like to hear that. We’re here when people need us," Short said, as they helped about 450 families.

"It makes us all feel really good. Linda, like I say, what the Christmas Council does for our area, a lot of people don't realize," Pawson said.

Short told KMVT the council starts putting the boxes together in September.

"Sometimes, you hear a story and it just breaks your heart," she continued. "We just want to find those people that need the help."

After dropping off all the toys, Pawson gave the Christmas Council a little something extra.

"So you know after the theft, everybody dove in, including our one sponsor that gives you a check every year, they raised theirs by $5,000 so we're going to give you $15,000," he told Short.

Every November, Brother Speed raises the money to buy the toys through a ride, where motorcyclists can pay money to ride with them and help the community.

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