Mini-Cassia Christmas Council to donate 400 families Christmas gifts thanks to motorcycle club

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Brother Speed Motorcycle Club raised $31,000 worth of toys to donate to the Mini-Cassia Christmas Council along with another donation.

Gary Pawson, president of the club, said they saw a need in the community for kids to have Christmas.

"We started it 21 years ago," he explained.

He said the first year, the group raised under $15,000.

"Over the years, it's just grown into what you see now," he continued. "We've got sponsors from all the over the country."

Early in November, they went on a ride to raise funds and have received checks even from Florida.

Last year, they raised $26,000. This year at $31,000, he said it's the most they've ever received. With those funds, they purchased toys at Walmart to donate to the Christmas Council, just like they have the past 15 years.

"When we come here, it's almost family," he expressed. "The ladies come out and give us all hugs."

"They're our friends and we love them," said Christmas Council President Linda Short. "It's just a heart wrenching thing. It just makes a difference to people who need help and that's what they're willing to do."

With the help of the club, they have bags stocked with toys, foods and blankets for almost 400 families in the Burley and Rupert area.

"It' just a phenomenal thing. It's just great," she continued. "The toys are beautiful, everybody can be happy, and it will be an awesome Christmas morning."

The council starts packing the items in September, so they can have it finished in time to distribute to families.

"We just appreciate the support we have from our community. They care. It's just obvious that they care," she said.

After dropping off all the toys to the council on Thursday afternoon, the club and an anonymous donor gave the council a check for $10,000, thanking them for all they do for the community.

On Saturday, families will come in and fill out paper work to receive their bags stocked with items. Boy Scouts will be present to assist in taking the boxes to the cars. The Christmas Council is located at 1256 Overland Ave. in Burley.

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