Minico High School hosts second night of vaping seminar

RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Minico High School is being proactive about the teen vaping epidemic, and Monday was their second installment of their vaping seminar.

Allison Serr, one of the nurses at Minidoka County School District says that she hopes students and parents are aware of the dangers of vaping.

The first installment was in December, and they were hoping to start a dialogue between students and parents about the truth behind using a vape.

Now, after students in fifth grade and up have been taught new curriculum called Catch My Breath, they hosted the second seminar, and had guest speakers from the South Central Public Health District.

"I hope that they see what our school district, the effort that we are trying to make, to combat vaping right away to be proactive about it,"said Allison Serr, one of the nurses. "We recognize the dangers and we want our students understand what the dangers are, so they can make an informed decision for themselves."

Cody Orchard gave a presentation about the health effects of vaping, hoping for the students and parents to understand it could have terrible side-effects.

All students grades six and up could enter the media contest, and 5th graders had a separate contest.

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