Minico High School students build a tiny house to be raffled

The tiny house will be finished in May… and the students are raffling it off to one...
The tiny house will be finished in May… and the students are raffling it off to one winner.(KMVT)
Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 8:34 PM MST
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Are you in the market for a house? Minico High School students in the cabinetry and construction class have been building a tiny house since September, and are raffling it off.

“Well we’ve got the interior to do, and we still have to paint the exterior,” said one student Nathan Suhr, a junior.

The students and the teacher have the class once a day for two hours, for a whole year.

“What we did is we actually, we did a little bit of studying, and we learned what it takes and how to build one and then we sat down one day and we talked about the fundamentals of a tiny house, and we talked about where we want room, and where it’s OK to take room from, and really I did not design this, the kids did,” said the teacher Brent Van Every.

After the designs, they started to build from the ground up.

“Well, we’ve done a lot of work on it, we’ve spent lots of time on it, and it’s been very fun, and hopefully I can get to do it next year,” Suhr said.

On top of building the house, one student says he learned the value of teamwork.

“That was something that was pretty hard for us, especially when it was warmer out, you know you kind of just want to get in there and get it done, but there were six or seven of us, and we had to work as a team, and that was pretty fun actually,” said Zane Wilkie, a junior.

The tiny house will be finished in May and the students are raffling it off to one winner.

“We want somebody to win it, it’s only $10, and you know somebody has to,” said Van Every.

To buy a raffle ticket, you can visit the Minico High School Office, or you can email Van Every at

Van Every says he loves to see his students excel.

“'Cause we need people to build houses and buildings for us because right now there is a shortage of workers, and what better place to start in high school when you mind is still trying to figure out what you want to do? And we got a lot of kids who are excelling and they are ready to go into the workforce because of this program,” Van Every said.