Minidoka County School District seeking $21M bond

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RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Over the last few days, KMVT reported on the levies and bonds that a few other school districts are seeking this March. The Minidoka County School District is also seeking a bond for taxpayers to vote on.

Superintendent Ken Cox said they are asking for a $21 million bond over the course of 20 years.

This money will address several issues: Building security, expanding schools and adding a new program.

"We’re currently at 102 percent capacity at our elementary schools, so we that by adding some classrooms there now, we are better prepared in the future," Cox said.

They also hope to add more doors to several of their schools for security purposes.

"There are a number of schools in the district where there’s only one set of doors to get into the building. In our middle schools, you walk in the door and if you take a right, you don’t have to go to the office, you could be anywhere in our building," he explained.

Cox said this bond isn't a "band aid," but it does help them in the future.

"The projects that we have outlined are important for us to move forward and we feel like this is part of a long-term, two-phase project in which we can do things now," he said. "In 2026, when our current bonds are paid off, we'll be able to do more with no additional increase to our taxpayers."

Tom Murphy, the co-chair for the ad hoc bond committee said he hopes people become educated and try and vote.

"I would really encourage people to explore what the projects are and where the money is going to spent and have an understanding of what value that brings to the community and then make a decision based on that of how they want to vote," he said.

Early voting is now open.

For more details on exactly what the Minidoka County School District wants to do with the bond, if approved, visit their website.

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