Minidoka Memorial Hospital adds new radiology tech

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RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - A regional hospital now has a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment to better help their radiology patients.

The Minidoka Memorial Hospital recently purchased a digital fluoroscope machine, which takes x-ray images.

The contraption is used to look at gastrointestinal tracts or doing joint injections.

"We’ve been working with a very old machine that was actual film," said radiologist Chris Harker. "This is a digital fluoroscope that can do a lot more procedures on; it’s real time."

Before this new piece of equipment, he said they would have to catch a certain image at the right time, take a photo and pull the film out to process it.

"It's not a picture that’s static, so we can see things moving," he said.

This machine will allow doctors to control the machines as well, while they're doing a procedure.

"So I don't have to tell somebody 'No, move that a little bit this way or that way.' I can control exactly what I'm looking at and where I'm looking at it," he said. "We have a lower dose of radiation exposure to patients because we can control, so I want to see this little area, I can see it better so I'm not guessing at what I'm looking at."

Harker works for Medical Imaging Associates, radiologists who come to the Minidoka Memorial Hospital to provide service two days a week.

"This is about the last place we’ve been working with one of those film fluoroscopes, so we’ve gotten used to the digital world elsewhere and we’re really happy to have that standard here now, too," he said.

The public is invited to see a sneak peek of the machine, an open house will be held at the hospital on Tuesday, April 16 starting at 4 p.m.

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