Minidoka Memorial Hospital garners national and global recognition for innovation

RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Minidoka Memorial Hospital in Rupert is the first hospital in the Americas to implement Synergi Life, a quality, health, safety and environment and risk management software, a step that's garnered Minidoka Memorial Hospital recognition on a global and national scale.

"We we're looking for something that would apply throughout the hospital," said Laura Clark, the compliance and accreditation office at Minidoka Memorial. "We came across the software in Denver, and we thought, OK, this will work for us."

Clark, who helped spearhead the effort to bring the software to Rupert, along with Chief Nursing Officer Erinn Neilson and Quality Director Kristi Clark, who also work at Minidoka Memorial, ran into a couple of surprises at where the use of the software placed them.

"We also found out that we are the first hospital in the Americas to use it, and we're garnering a little bit of attention because we are using it," Clark said.

Besides the attention the implementation of the software has given Minidoka Memorial, it's also helped alleviate the task of quality tracking according Kristi Clark.

"Quality tracking is a cumbersome process," Clark said. "What Synergi-Life allows us to do is compile all that information digitally."

Clark says this all translates down to better patient care, and will make work at Minidoka Memorial more transparent, accessible and efficient.

"We can pull the data quickly and identify if we have trends or opportunities that we need to address immediately," Clark said. "We're also using it for facility tracking, work orders tracking, even complaints or grievances."

Synergi-Life, a DNVG product, has been utilized by oil and gas companies across the globe and hospitals as far away as Norway, according to Clark. Because Minidoka Memorial has found an innovative way to incorporate the software into their operations, the hospital has been named among this year's finalist for a 2019 EHS Innovation Award in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare category.

"There were 80 plus entries for the innovation award and we were chosen as a semifinalist," said Minidoka Memorial Chief Executive Officer Tom Murphy. "And were up against Merck which is a pharmaceutical giant, so we're kind of excited we kind of hit the big screen."

For some context, Merck is a massive company. And for Minidoka Memorial to be placed in that same category is both surprising and exciting says Murphy.

"Size ways us compared to Merck we're a rounding error on their financials," Murphy said. "Their a multi-billion dollar company and were a multi-million dollar company."

Murphy said in healthcare, innovation is a necessity, and no matter how much fame or recognition come from Minidoka Memorial's accomplishments, it all comes down to benefit patients and the community.

"What we're doing we feel is really impact," Murphy said.

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