Minidoka Museum adds interactive exhibit

RUPERT, IDAHO (KMVT/KSVT) The Minidoka County Historical Society Museum is revamping and reshaping the way it presents its historical artifacts.

The museum launched a test run for an interactive exhibit. Guests will be able to use a smartphone, scan a QR code, a video will pop on their screen and it will show what, how or when the item was used in the past.

The museum has so far only implemented the technology to work on an aged out fence weaving machine but plans to choose other artifacts. Melissa Alley is the curator for the museum and hopes this will present new learning opportunities for visitors.

"Be able to work toward their way of education. People are in different wavelengths, people are seers, some people just have to see that and able to understand," Alley said.

The museum is limited with this project as they need help from the community and seek smartphone donations.

"Anybody that brought in a phone we would reset all the settings. Take out the chip. Do whatever they need to do. We would just want the phone for one and only thing to download the program for the chip here," Alley said.

If someone would like to donate their smartphone they can contact Melissa Alley at (208) 436-0336

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