More than 1,000 people march for women's rights in Ketchum

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KETCHUM, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) When Lisa Stelck and fellow organizers started planning the women's march in Ketchum about 10 days ago they weren't expecting too large of a turnout.

In fact Stelck said they were hoping for around 50 people.

"To our astonishment and joy it appears that we had over 1,150 people march today," she said. "In little old Ketchum, so we were thrilled."

Around the world and the country more than one million people participated in women's marches. The Associated Press reported more than 600 marches. One of those took place in Ketchum.

"I think everybody feel that by participating there was a tremendous sense of solidarity with the people who have these shared values around not only our country, but around the world,"

Stelck said the march in Ketchum wasn't intended to be anti-anything. Instead they wanted it to be more about standing up for things they believed in.

"I think we were trying to re-affirm equality, women's rights, women's control over their own body," Stelck said. "We were standing for justice, inclusiveness, we were standing for community."

Stelck said that there were a variety of people marching from all kinds of backgrounds. She said that the march was needed for the community and it was just a starting point.

"I don't think it's going to end at the march," Stelck said. "I think what these marches are doing are truly helping people focus on their priorities and regroup and commit to actions to work towards those goals that they hold dear."

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