More than 100k Idahoans sign up for healthcare despite shorter enrollment

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Your Health Idaho announced that almost 102,000 people signed up for 2018 health insurance coverage on the exchange.

The organization is an online marketplace where Idaho families and small businesses can go to purchase health insurance. It’s been around by state law since 2013.

Your Health Idaho says that the 101,793 people that signed up for health insurance this year was almost a record.

“This is a testament to Idaho’s model for operating an exchange. Despite the enormous uncertainty from Washington, combined with a shortened enrollment period, Your Health Idaho has been able to serve near record numbers of Idahoans,” said Pat Kelly, executive director of Your Health Idaho in a statement.

The enrollment period this year was about half of what it used to be. Your Health Idaho also says that the biggest difference for 2018 is the monthly premium pricing going up. However they say that increased tax credits offset rising premiums to help Idahoans purchase plans for little to no monthly cost.

The individual mandate for health care was repealed as part of the tax bill that passed in December. However, it does not go away until 2019. Your Health Idaho estimates that five to seven percent of customers may consider dropping the coverage. They are still confident that thousands will still be using their service for healthcare coverage.

“Fortunately most of our customers have found there is value to being insured,” Kelly said.

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