Morningside Elementary School has a new classroom library

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Two Twin Falls School District elementary schools have received scholastic grants.

Fourth grade teacher Emily Martin from Morningside Elementary School won a $500 grant to purchase books. She applied for the grant through Scholastic Books. She wrote a short essay on the importance of having books for students and a classroom library.

The students are the ones who benefit from the money the most.

"They're really excited about them. They're all trying to see which book they can read next. They're trying to share like when I'm finished with this one then you can read it. Which has been really cool to see that level of excitement over books,” Emily Martin said.

Mrs. Martin received her first shipment of about 300 books last week and still has $100 left to spend.

The student’s response to the books has been amazing and their attitudes are excited since they helped her with picking out which ones to order.

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