Most CSI students receiving financial aid during government shutdown

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The partial federal government shutdown hasn’t affected most College of Southern Idaho students in need of financial aid.

CSI’s deadline to apply for financial aid was in the beginning of December, a couple weeks before the partial government shutdown began.

The process hasn't changed, other than those who have been asked to verify information are able to get verified with their tax returns, rather than a transcript.

Student Sammi Sanchez said she knows a couple of people who have had trouble, but it’s been smooth sailing for most.

“Because the funds were approved before the government shutdown, any students who are using financial aid to pay for their books or their tuition, they still will be able to make those payments on time,” Sanchez explained.

The financial aid office is working with those who are having trouble and coming up with possible solutions.

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