Motorists paying more at the pump

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(KMVT/KSVT) - Summer months become a travel season for many. If you're one of those, gas prices may have put a dent in your wallet.

"Within two weeks, they went from $2.38 to $2.65 to 2.79 out there," said local resident Kathleen Moore.

Currently, the average price in Idaho is $2.77, a 20 cent jump over the past month and more than 10 cents above the national average of $2.63.

In the wake of Harvey, several refineries are offline but AAA Idaho representative Matthew Conde stated "higher prices in the Gem State is more a result of high travel demand than supply issues".

Especially with the path of the total solar eclipse in parts of Idaho, the demand spiked.

Local resident Gary Jones stayed busy with work this summer to minimize travel.

"We haven't gone out (boating) as much as we have during the year," said Jones. "We've gone out probably like three times this year."

He decided to squeeze a boat ride in the Snake River for the Labor Day holiday with family, but it doesn't come cheap. He claims he spends $100 to fill up his boat on empty.

"It always seems like, you always looking under your boat to see if you got a continuous hole under there because it takes so much gas," he continued.

For someone like Kathleen Moore, she's been holding off on camping trips all season, but has one planned for the end of the month.

"I hope they (prices) go down a lil bit. That'd be nice because I have to take my truck up there

AAA expects a short term spike in the national average prices before prices start to drop mid to late September.

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