Mountain Home Country Music Festival kicks off

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MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (KBOI) - Mountain Home Country Music Festival goers will see some new features to keep the dust down at this years event .

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The Mountain Home Country Music Festival kicked off Thursday night.

The weekend-long event boasts some of the big names of country music.

Some fans will be there for the duration, camping near the concert site.

"Some of those who came out to the first Mountain Home Country Music Festival will tell you it was a dusty mess out here, but concert managers say they've got a lot of new changes coming to this year’s event which includes adding more vegetation and laying down chemicals to the land."

Dancing the night away to Blake Shelton last year left festival goers dusty, but those managing the event say they laid down every possibility they could think of to keep the dirt from rising.

"We brought in 643 truckloads of decompressed granite and spread that all over the venue and then we had chemical that we laid down on top of here just a couple of days ago and it's a binding chemical, it's found in the Great Salt Lakes and that has made a tremendous amount of difference for us," said Idaho Country Concerts President Anne Hankins.

Another big issue with last year's event was dealing with the extreme summer heat. This year, five misting tents have been set up around the venue along with a medical tent near the main stage.

"We have a big tent for everybody to get some Gatorade for free,” said Dr. Col. Timothy Briniger. “We have a medical tent behind that for people who actually need IV fluids so if you are really bad-off, we are going to stick one in ya.”

Did we have a lot of that last year?

"We did have about 55 people get IV's last year and five people had to be flown out by helicopter,” Dr. Briniger said. “We don't want any of that this year."

For every bottle beer you have, doctors also suggest having a bottle of water, especially in this heat. Now, vendors will be selling water for $2 a bottle. Two dollars that will later be donated to our local schools.

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