Multiple new businesses are open doors in Twin Falls

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Barbecue, ice cream, new clothing boutique and a training facility: Many new businesses have opened, and will be opening their doors in Twin Falls. KMVT highlighted a few of those businesses.

The Smokey Bone BBQ
The Smokey Bone BBQ just recently opened their doors on Shoshone Street next to Babbel's Cleaners.

"We opened in Hailey first. We’ve been open there for about three years," said Juan Martinez, the owner and founder.

Their Twin Falls restaurant is their second location.

"Twin Falls needed some barbecue. We had our food mobile trailer, we were driving down here for the last two years, two times, three times a week, at the Lowe's parking lot and it did great. It did awesome and now we’re here," he said.

Martinez said their food is all homemade.

"Even from our sauce, the rubs, we use all certified black angus meats, quality meats. Nothing is frozen, everything is fresh meat," he said.

While there are many different restaurants in Twin Falls, Martinez said "it feels great to be another option."

Whiskey Bent Trading Co.
The Whiskey Bent Trading Co. is a western wear clothing store that's on Main Street near Studio G and the Rustic Pear Salon.

"Downtown is just starting to become alive again and it’s nice to be able to breathe new life into this area," said Mickenlie Hurst, the owner. "It's where we started. We are here from the Magic Valley and we want to set our roots here."

While they do have men's and women's clothing there, they also have many household items and furniture that people can buy and offer a price if they want to take it home.

"We’re going to offer accessories, hats and things like that. Jewelry for the ladies and hopefully eventually workout wear... Possibly boots and cowboy hats and things like that," she said.

As downtown does have many businesses, Hurst said they have had positive responses from other neighboring stores.

"It’s been nice to be in other communities, knowing that we can support them and they can support us," she said.

They will also be offering espresso to their customers.

"We just want this area and the space to be a great hangout spot. We have a seating area and stuff so the men can sit down and have their coffee while women are shopping, or what have you," she said. "We want it to be a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone."

Hurst said they plan to have a soft opening on April 1 and a grand opening toward mid-April.

Canyon Rim Creamery
Owner Troy Hendricks is bringing Idaho-made dairy products to Twin Falls.

"We will be selling a soup and grilled cheese, cheese and cheese curds," Hendricks said.

Also, of course, ice cream made by Idaho Falls-based Reed's Dairy.

"You’ll be hooked, the product is awesome," he said. "We’re going to have a ton of flavors."

The creamery is right across the street from Walmart on Cheney Drive. Hendricks said they plan to open on March 23.

The Sweet Spot
While the Sweet Spot may sound like another dessert place, it's not.

"It’s mainly a hitting and training facility, but multiuses," explained Courtney Clark, an owner.

Clark said they want to give youth, athletes, and just about anyone a place to train, practice baseball, softball and soccer year-round.

"We’re so limited to, especially in the winter, just be able to come to a place that will be warm and out of the weather and get lots of good reps and training," she explained.

The facility will be a little more than 4,000 square feet, Clark said.

"We plan to have two, 70-foot batting cages. A lot of hitting screens, tee, lots of balls flying around," Clark explained. "What we plan to do is allow the cages to be pushed back so then it becomes a big open floor plan that can be then utilized for multipurpose, lot of different sports."

The building is located in south Twin Falls at 2334 Eldridge Ave. While they haven't started renovations or have yet to occupy the building, Clark said they will in mid-May.

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