MyChart offers services on-the-go for St. Luke's patients

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - St. Luke's patients can have access to their appointments and lab results while on-the-run, along with connecting with their doctor one-on-one.

The program is called MyChart, and it's a portal for patients to have access to information the doctor's office normally has.

"Really it’s the patient’s information and we want to make sure they have access to see that and are able to review that and MyChart allows that," said Dr. Trevor Satterfield, a physician with St. Luke's Magic Valley.

Instead of needing to wait for a visit or give the office a call, they can just go onto the portal on a computer or phone and find out when appointments are or even schedule them.

Lab results are also available on the app and they also have a link that can give them additional information that explains what those results mean.

"Then if they have additional questions, then it’s ready for them to ask additional questions to me," Satterfield said.

The patients are able to directly message their doctors on the portal.

"It allows me to get that information directly from the patient, rather than having them need to explain it to my nurse or my receptionist, so I can have that one to one contact with them and so then I feel like the communication is more clear," he said.

As a parent, Chanelle Hughes said the portal is helpful.

"Especially if you have multiple children, you can have them all listed on your MyChart, to have them all listed in one place rather than having paper records," Hughes said.

In addition to all those resources, the portal will also prompt users to get their flu shot or any other health services.

Satterfield said the program will continue to grow.

"We are putting a lot of effort forth to make it a friendlier and useful experience, more helpful," he said.

He added that it's also user-friendly with the health apps through Apple and Google.

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