Mysterious booms in the Magic Valley, no indication of source

Published: Nov. 20, 2017 at 4:39 PM MST
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For the past few weeks, residents in the Magic Valley have felt and heard these mysterious "booms."

Eric F. Jones and his family live in southwest Wendell where they have felt a steady about of booms over the course of two weeks.

The first time he felt the booms was two years ago, but only about two or three times.

"One of the booms or grounding sounds was so loud, I jumped out of my chair," Jones continued. "It sounded like the furnace in our basement exploded."

He ran downstairs but found no damage.

"All I hear was this grounding noise and vibrations," he explained.

Now, the booms have been steady for the past two weeks, rattling the house and shaking the windows, making Jones worry about the foundation of his house.

"There's a big sound in the ground, almost like a grinding, grounding, grumbling, and then the house will shake," he said.

Jones said he feels like it comes from the ground.

"They're coming from somewhere, and we're near the edge of the canyon. The river goes around there so the vibrations is coming from the ground underneath the river and still vibrating up through the ground," he explained.

Along with Jones checking the seismograph website, KMVT reached out to the Idaho Geological Survey and there have been no reports of earthquakes in southern Idaho.

The Jones' house sits along the canyon and he said he hears military aircraft flying above them sometimes.

"I know we are on the spot on the canyon where we do experience during the summer time and other times of the year military aircraft, if they're doing war games or whatever, that they fly over and go back towards the Mountain Home area," Jones explained.

KMVT reached out to the Air Force and they said they have not had an aircraft within 30 miles of Twin Falls.

"Something's happening in our area that not everyone's experiencing, but it's coming in our little section of the valley," Jones said.

A worker from the Castleford City Hall said they have been hearing and feeling these booms off and on for a couple months now. They have looked into it, but have not found anything either.

There are no reports of damages from these mysterious booms.