New Lincoln County Prosecutor excited about new post

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) From prosecution experience, defense experience, and civil experience, Richard Roates is excited about his new job as the Lincoln County Prosecutor.

Richard Roates, the new Lincoln County Prosecutor tells KMVT about his new job and what he will be responsible for.

“I really want to make a positive impact for the community and work with them,” Roates said.

He has been in the practice for 29 years.

"Having spent a considerable amount of my career in public service, I saw it an opportunity to get back in and do what I love best,” Roates said.

His new job as the prosecuting attorney will include a variety of different tasks.

“I’ll handle all the criminal cases in the county, and the felonies that come out of the cities' jurisdiction, and then I will also be the county attorney, so I’ll be the legal adviser to the board of county commissioners, and the other departments,” Roates said.

Roates has a number of new ideas that he wants to implement. He will be at the county commissioners meetings every Monday.

“I’ve got some good ideas on how I want to run things, a strong association with the law enforcement is important. A collaborative effort between all the agencies and the prosecutor's office, and working well together to facilitate good criminal justice here,” Roates said.

Roates is also excited to get to know the Lincoln County community in his spare time.

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