New trophy display in CSI's Hall of Champions

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A new addition has been added to the College of Southern Idaho's Hall of Champions. A trophy case fit for an athletic department with 16 national championships has been built to display CSI's victories.

New trophy display at College of Southern Idaho (KMVT/Aisha Carter).

In the past, they have displayed these winnings by hanging banners in the hallway of the main entrance, and have stored trophies in offices and locker rooms.

Joel Bate, the athletic director at CSI, told KMVT how this adds to their legacy.

"This hallway represents a lot of memories and this just puts a fine touch on all of those memories, and we’re able to display all of our successes as a college."

CSI's Athletic Department and Booster Club raised funds to pay for the new case and brainstormed with Creative Carpentry in Twin Falls for the perfect design to present their achievements.

The case was completed just in time for the college's opening volleyball game this season and Bate invites the community to visit the new trophy display to take a glance at all of the memories in the Hall of Champions.

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