New Utah laws: Extra hotel tax, end of car safety checks

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Utah drivers in 2018 will save some money after lawmakers eliminated a required car safety check, but visitors to Utah hotels, motels and campgrounds will feel a slight pinch in their pocketbooks under a new tax.

The changes are among a handful of new laws taking effect in Utah on Jan. 1.

Utah lawmakers in 2017 created a new state hotel room tax to bolster outdoor recreation. The 0.32 percent tax would be imposed along with other local hotel taxes and sales taxes.

Lawmakers also scrapped a requirement for cars to get periodic $15 safety checks of their breaks, headlights and more in order to remain on the road.

Most of the roughly 500 laws passed by Utah legislators in 2017 took effect in May, a default date marking 60 days from the end of the Utah's short legislative session.

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