New passing law goes into effect July 1

Published: Jun. 30, 2017 at 6:11 PM MDT
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As of July 1, a new law makes it legal to speed in Idaho, but only in a very specific situation.

"It gives motorists flexibility to exceed the posted speed limit on highways where the speed limit is posted at 55 mph or more to safely complete a pass on a slower moving vehicle," said Capt. George Oppedyk of the Jerome County Sheriff's Office.

You can speed up to 15 mph over the posted limit to make your pass, but the Jerome County Sheriff's Office wants you to know there's more to the law than that.

"People just need to be sure they read all the whole law," Oppedyk said.

When you take a look at House Bill 132 you'll notice it has a large paragraph describing the details.

First; you can only be driving a passenger car, motorcycle, or pickup, second; you can't be towing anything when you make the pass, and third; the car you're passing? It has to be going under the posted speed limit.

"It's not a guaranteed 'I won't get a ticket." Oppedyk said.

Law enforcement told me they already give some leeway to cars who are passing, so their enforcement won't change much.

"It may save someone a speeding ticket but for the most part people are already exceeding the speed limit when they pass," Oppedyk said.

The law doesn't apply in adverse weather conditions, or road construction areas, but officers told me, even when the new law does apply, they urge drivers to use caution.

"It's just better off to just take your time and get there safely," Oppedyk said.

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