New playground comes to fruition for Harrison Elementary

Published: Aug. 2, 2017 at 6:41 PM MDT
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Volunteers braved the summer heat as Wednesday marked day three of working on Harrison Elementary's new playground in a community build project.

Teachers, parents, and even city officials worked around the clock to install $40,000 worth of equipment this week.

"The first day was fantastic! We had to clear all the mulch and the fire department and the city road department came out and they helped us and brought in machinery and got it done pretty quick," said Michelle Hammond, a fifth grade teacher at the school.

Students and teachers raised money through multiple fundraiser over the past five years to purchase equipment.

"We have a tunnel slide. We have chains for them to crawl up, a toad stool they can climb on. There's bongo drums, a fire machine, and a rock climbing wall," listed Hammond.

Before then, old equipment or the lack there of limited students' play time choices.

"They definitely did a good job of coming up with stuff to do, but I think this will keep them engaged and interested and active.

With all hands on deck, they spared $15,000 in labor costs.

At the last minute, volunteer Casy Albrecht brought a group to pitch in for his Eagle Scout project.

"The school I went to, it was nice to have a playground.(Looking at) how small theirs is, it'll be nice to have a bigger one because it really helps have more fun during school," said Albrecht, a senior at Xavier Charter School.

Overall, it's a project they can all be proud of.

"It's a lot of hard work and its hot and dirty but its been fun," said Hammond. "I think it will make it that much more rewarding being a part of it for the kids."

It depends on their schedules, but Hammond told us she hopes to complete the project by the end of the week.