New six story building is coming to downtown Twin Falls

The former Idaho Youth Ranch building in downtown Twin Falls will soon be demolished to make...
The former Idaho Youth Ranch building in downtown Twin Falls will soon be demolished to make way for a six story residential, office and retail space (KMVT/Elizabeth Hadley).(KMVT)
Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 6:05 PM MDT
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Right on the corner of Hansen Street and Main Ave lies the former Idaho Youth Ranch building, but not for too much longer. Summit Creek out of Sun Valley has new plans.

"It will become a new six-story, mixed-use project that includes four stories of residential, a level of office, and a ground level retail,” said Nathan Murray the economic development director said.

This is a big change for the city, as this will be the tallest building around.

"This is actually really exciting," Murray said. "I think it kind of showcases just what is capable in our downtown."

In the past few years, the downtown area has grown tremendously with the new stores and the downtown commons, but the missing piece of the puzzle has been people.

"When you have 42 units, which isn't a ton, but you know that many more people living here, I think you'll see that uptick and that demand for service, and just the vibrancy of the area that will come, too. I think people living here has been that missing piece, that next step for us," Murray said.

Fran Florence, one of the partners with Westerra Real Estate group, says this is a good sign for the area.

"It's always been the goal to have retail return to downtown, entertainment and dining return to downtown, and employment return to downtown, and the fourth leg of that, has always been, to try to get residential return to downtown," Florence said.

The project will get started later in August with demolition.

“Depending on how quick construction goes, and weather over the winter, you can expect some level of occupancy by spring summer of next year,” Murray said.