New Heyburn walking path almost complete, connects to Burley's

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HEYBURN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The city of Heyburn is almost finished constructing a walking path south of town going toward Burley.

"It extends over 7,000 feet and it goes from the elementary school from the south side of town all the way to 21st Street, which is the main road going through the city of Heyburn," said Tony Morley, the city administrator.

He said the path is called a "Safe Route" to school.

"So the kids can get on it and ride their bikes, ride their skateboard and walk, and they have a route all the way through the middle of town all the way to the elementary school," he said.

The project has been in the works for about three years now, Morley said.

"We finally just got it pushed over to the finish line," he said.

The project was largely funded by a grant from the Idaho Transportation Department.

"It ended up being around $330,000, give or take, we don't know the final costs because the numbers haven't come in yet," he said. "The grant covered the majority of that. The city had to come up with some matching funds."

The city had to pay about $30,000 to $35,000 for their part, and the city's street department did some of that work.

"Part of the match was the street department do all of the road, the traffic control," said Anson Park, the street department manager.

Road construction has been going on for about three weeks now, and they anticipate to be finished next week.

"There's a lot of benefits for the kids, for children, for people to get out there and exercise," Morley said.

Some parts of the path are a few feet away from the street and other parts are right alongside the road, however, Park said they have ways to make it safe.

"They put in a rumble strip, just like you see on the freeway. It's more aggressive. It's a really rough one," Park said. "When they get over there, it's really going to shake their car."

Park said they will also paint the rumble strip green to separate traffic, and if someone drives into it, "they're going to know they're in it."

Morley said the path is also an extension for the walking paths that go along the river and the Heyburn Waterfront Park, also tying into Burley's walking paths too.

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