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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) If you ever wanted to try out yoga, here's your chance.

"We start with some standing poses,” said Julie Ellis, a physical therapist and instructor for the yoga class. “It's modified for all beginners, all levels."

Yoga really is a good discipline for anyone that wants to improve their body, she said.

"Yoga is putting yourself in the moment, and that's what mindfulness is," said Valarie Everton, who attends Ellis’ class regularly.

It’s a free class in one of the most beautiful places in Twin Falls.

"We have a great time every Thursday doing yoga on the canyon," Ellis said.

All this yoga helps raise money for the trails.

The space is free, thanks to the surrounding businesses, and the instructor is a volunteer who is doing all of this for the benefit of everyone.

"I'm a runner. I'm a bicyclist, and we really need safe trails for people to keep us out of the traffic,” Ellis said. “I also have a passion for yoga, wellness, Twin falls and the community."

All the money is donated by people in the class and goes toward the Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee.

She's already raised about $200 in the four classes she's held, and the people in her class feel like it's a good cause.

Being able to hang out by the canyon is “not just for the people who can afford to have a place on the rim. It's for the whole community," Everton said.

And yoga might be the way to get us there.

"Yoga is such a good way to just be able to focus,” Ellis said. “So really the principles of yoga help us reduce some of our anxiety from the rest of the day so it's a good way to wind down plus it's a good way to get everyone in one spot."

The class is held every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. near the Hub.

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