Newcold kick-starts operations this week

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - A new international company has planted its roots in the Magic Valley - the second location in the nation.

Derek Bedke, the site manager, said the company is a third party logistics company that provides warehousing service to customers.

One of their biggest customers is McCain Foods.

"With their recent plant expansion, they had need for some more cold storage," he said. "That's what brought Newcold to come to the Burley area."

As they do keep cold foods in the storage facility, the temperatures have to stay cold in the building to do their job: At minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit

"In our facility, we have 90,000 pallet locations. We are the second facility in the United States. There’s a second facility in Tacoma, Washington, and there are seven other ones across the world. Two in Australia, a few in Europe and looking to expand in all parts of the world," he explained.

Bedke said they are headquartered in the Netherlands.

"That's why we have such an international presence because it started out as an international company," he said, referring to some of the workers at the facility on Thursday who were training other employees.

He said that it took about 25,000 tons of steel to construct the facility, giving it its 90,000 pallet locations.

"We're an automated facility. What that means is what most places do with manual fork lifts, we do it with automated conveyance as well as stacker cranes," he explained.

While that may sound like all the robots are taking jobs, he said they're not, as they have about 45 people employed right now and will soon be looking for more.

"We're still adding 75 to 100 to our community... Every one of my employees are from this area, from the Magic Valley really," he said.

As the temperatures are below freezing, workers are required to wear correct safety gear while working in the cold, refrigerated areas.

"We do issue cold gear to our employees. If you’re going to be out in the freezer for a long period of time, you need the right gear," he said, adding that they have multiple options.

The company just started operating on Tuesday.

"We're still getting a few bugs worked out before we're totally operational," he said.

While the company is mostly storing McCain Foods items right now, Bedke said they do have room for other company's goods as well.

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