North Canyon Medical Center launches weight-loss program

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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The North Canyon Medical staff would have been happy if about 10 people showed up. They were thrilled when more than 40 did.

The hospital in Gooding held a weight loss seminar on Thursday night. Doctors and surgeons went over medical, surgical, behavioral and diet options to weight loss as part of a launch of a new program at the facility.

“Tonight’s event is really to get the community aware of what is offered,” said Nicolas Hayes, a surgeon at the Medical Center.

Hayes has been working on this program for more than a year. Several specialists are involved in helping people fight obesity.

“Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and is associated with many diseases,” Hayes said. “Bringing this to the community is really to offer something that isn’t offered within the Magic Valley right now.”

It’s not just a series of seminars either. While Hayes said they plan on holding them periodically, maybe every one or two months, this program is about finding the best way for someone to lose weight.

Specialists like Reid Lofgran are on board. He is a family practice physician with the Medical Center. He is also an addiction specialist.

“My experience with addictions helps because food potentially is addicting and that’s probably one of the things we’re dealing with,” he said.

Oftentimes people look at addiction and obesity differently. Lofgran said the concept of weight problem as an addiction may be foreign to some, but it can be very related.

“Our society has a terrible stigma about addiction,” Lofgran said. “Nobody wants to talk about it, nobody wants to think they have an addiction. In reality those neuro-transmitters are the same for eating as they are for heroin addiction.”

The weight loss program won’t look the same for everyone. Through consultations some may be looking at a medical solution, others dietary, and others even surgical.

“We’re going to assess what they’re looking for in a treatment program for their obesity,” Hayes said.

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