North Canyon Medical Center to open Twin Falls clinic

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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - North Canyon Medical Center decides to open yet another clinic in the Magic Valley. On Monday, KMVT reported that the Buhl clinic is about ready for business, but now, they decided to expand even more into another city.

Chief Executive Officer Tim Powers said they plan to open a 2,500 square foot clinic in Twin Falls.

"We have got a pretty good foothold on our primary care service area, which will be the Gooding market, any outlying areas as well," Powers said. "One of the things we took a look at in the Magic Valley area in Twin Falls is the opportunity for access to another health care provider, and we feel like where we are -- in terms of the proximity to Twin Falls -- makes absolute sense for us to put a foothold into that market."

This extension will offer patients family medical care along with orthopedic medicine.

"Family medicine goes hand-in-hand with our type of facility here in North Canyon. We’d like to get good foot traffic in the clinic to have that family medicine presence there. Those kind of leads directly over into referrals of orthopedic medicine," he explained why those two focuses were chosen for the clinic.

While they've been expanding since they dissolved from their taxing district, he said this will give patients more options in the Twin Falls area.

"I think one of the elements that we bring is choice and people are always looking for choice. The Twin Falls market is no different than (the) Buhl market or the Boise market. That choice is something people prefer and I think it leads to better care, ultimately, for everybody," he said.

Powers said they are in negotiations with a landlord now to lease property. They plan to open the clinic in northern Twin Falls. If all goes according to plan, their doors would be open for business as early as April.

He believes that their association with the Mayo Clinic can give patients access to "world class care."

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