On The Course: The mental game

SUN VALLEY, Id ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Well all too often when we step up to the Tee Box we have a million thoughts on our mind, we can be thinking about anything but the upcoming drive.

So in this week's On The Course, Golf Pro Tate Mills gives us some advice on how to quiet those thoughts and stay focused.

"Pretty much everyone will step up to the tee with a lot of nerves, we all do.

It's the nature of the game, we're thinking about every aspect of our swing and we should just quiet everything down.

Take a look around you, listen to birds, look how beautiful it is.
You're playing golf, you're not at work.

You need to go out and enjoy it, it's a game after all and we need to treat it that way.

We're going to have bad shots, but if we can stay positive it's easier to push those things out of our mind and we can look forward.

If we hold on to those negative shots then it will follow us the course of the round.

In my experience I play the best when I'm having fun, when I'm out with my friends or out with some of the members, that's when golf is the best, when you're having fun."

All right, so you're calm, cool, and collected, it's time for the show.

Next week we're breaking down your swing so that you can have the most efficient drive.