Operation Facelift joining a community through volunteering

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RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The City of Rupert is bringing together a community and hundreds of people.

"All the people working happy, it just feels really good to be here," said 8 year old volunteer Ethan Shaw.

Volunteers like Ethan as well as hundreds of people who flooded the Neptune Park in Rupert to participate in Operation Facelift.

"It's families, it's all comers, anybody that can paint, and anybody that can rake gravel,” said group organizer Tom Murphy. “Yeah all sizes, all ages are here to help from the whole community."

"Here we're going to clean our tennis courts, we're going to paint, and we’re going to improve out ball field, paint some of the needed areas, and just make it a place that people want to come and a place we can take pride in," said event organizer Emma Van Every.

Operation Facelift has been run by the city for over a decade.

"Everybody provides the materials and we provide the labor force," Murphy said.

Gathering volunteers for these restorations has been easy thanks to technology.

"If people have an idea of community service or volunteer efforts that they want people to come help they can go to JustServ.org and they can put theirs in,” Van Every said. “That's just the best place to look for volunteer opportunities including this one."

More than 500 volunteers got down and dirty.

"I'm insanely proud of Rupert, and our community,” Van Every said. “To have everyone come and work and then celebrate it through the fourth of July and other events that we have it just makes me really happy. I know that other people take pride in this is their park this is their community and home."

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