Operation Homefront gives meals to military families

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Chobani teamed up with Operation Homefront to provide meals for a special group of people.

Operation Homefront senior director Olivia Burley explained what they did.

"We're serving 30 military families with 30 meal kits, and so they get a complete meal as well as a variety of other great things and some great Chobani yogurt too,” Burley explained.

This was all part of Operation Homefront’s meals for the holidays, which came to the Magic Valley for the first time.

"We're absolutely thrilled to be bringing this event to the Twin Falls military community. We're giving our military families a complete meal kit so they can make their holiday meal at home,” Burley stated.

Alyson Outen, the director of engagement at Chobani, said the company was happy to join forces with the nonprofit.

"We're a proud American company and this partnership with operation Homefront is just meaningful to us, that we can give back, and help the people, not only just here in the magic valley, but this partnership takes us around the country,” Outen stated.

Burley explained why they do the program.

"Our holiday meals for military program helps step in and provide a little bit of financial relief, but in addition to that, many military families live far away from their extended family and their in laws, and those might be the people that were traditionally making the holiday meal, and paying for that expense of getting all those grocery items,” Burley said.

Service member Hayley Riemstra said she was happy to receive the kit.
"It really means a lot that, you know, operation Homefront was able to come to our little area, and recognize the several veterans we have here, and it's just really great to be able to take the stress of holidays a little bit off my shoulder,” Riemstra explained.

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