Organization supports saving and sharing local seeds

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KETCHUM, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) - The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance is planting the ancient idea of seed saving and sharing.

The organization’s director Bill McDorman gave a presentation tonight at The Community Library.

McDorman is an advocate for farmers and gardeners to save their best seeds every year, as a way to grow stronger regional crops.

He also suggests communities share these seeds between growers to create more biodiversity.

"Farmers that are considering reintegrating seed production, seed saving, adapting varieties to their own farms should do so. I think that they'll be happy and that's the feedback that I have gotten from all the farmers that I've seen make this switch."

The Community Library started its own seed library this year.

According to McDorman, seed libraries are a growing trend.

He says there are 350 nationwide and 450 in the world.

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