Owner: Magic Mountain Resort sees best season yet

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KIMBERLY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - A ski resort owner in the Magic Valley said they're seeing their best season since they began owning the property.

"This is our 14th season and this is by far our best season," said Gary Miller, the owner of Magic Mountain.

While Miller doesn't have specific numbers on how well they are doing, he said it attributes to multiple factors: Snow, his workers and those coming to enjoy the snow.

"With the snow we’ve had probably in the last two weeks, we’ve had about five feet of snow. Of course it compacts," he said. "As you can see there's a lot of snow around and that drives people up to the mountains to ski and participate and it’s always fun to ski in fresh powder."

That was the case for Larissa Williams, who took her kids tubing Friday afternoon.

She said they've went out to play in the snow at least every other week this winter.

"We mainly go sledding, my boys have gone skiing/snowboarding, but we’ve definitely done a lot more sledding this year, especially after Christmas," she explained.

While more snow is a reason the resort is busy this season, Miller said many enjoy their atmosphere as well.

"It’s family driven. We’re seeking after the families, that’s who we want up here and it takes a combination of everybody from our ski patrol, to our lift operators to the people in the lodge and it’s everybody. We’re happy and it’s fun," he said.

Miller said the mountain opens up for winter sports normally around the beginning of December.

"It’ll be driven by, we have plenty of snow we could go into April, but it’ll be driven by how many people come up. As soon as the people lose interest and quit coming, then we’ll probably shut down," he continued. "We’ll probably go to the end of March."

He already has plans for next season, as they plan to replace one of the ski lifts this summer.

"That was the beginner hill and we’re going to replace that this summer with the triple chair... We’ll be installing that and that’s the nice thing about that is we’re a beginner hill and beginner mountain, and the terrain is fairly steep and so by putting this lift up, that’s going to open up our beginner to intermediate areas. So, from top to bottom it will be beginning and intermediate," he said. "That’s really going to help Magic Mountain."

Another reason Miller stated they were doing so well was because of the schools that takes trips up to them for a ski day.

"It would be tough to survive without them. They come up, they support us," he said.

He added that it was all about the kids having fun.

"That’s probably why I own this place. It’s not for the money, by any means, it’s more for the satisfaction of smiles on kids faces," he said.

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