PETA files complaint against Cassia County beef company

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is filing a complaint about Ida Beef, in hopes of getting charges pressed.

Speaking with KMVT, Colin Henstock, an investigations specialist with PETA, said they filled the complaint with the Cassia County prosecuting attorney against Ida Beef, located outside of Burley.

Henstock states that a recently released report shows that the company botched the slaughter of two cows in January.

Workers attempted to stun the cows to euthanize them, however, it failed, resulting in workers shooting the two cows multiple times.

“And now PETA is calling on the Cassia County prosecuting attorney to investigate and to bring appropriate state criminal charges against Ida Beef and the workers involved in this inhumane, inept killing,” Henstock explained.

Henstock also stated that the slaughter industry doesn't approve of multiple shots being fired on animals, which is what PETA is basing the complaint on.

KMVT also reached out to Ida Beef to get a statement, and while they declined to talk on camera, they did release a statement, saying that the company is governed by USDA regulations for meat inspection and is a federally inspected facility.

“Any activities at Ida Beef are monitored closely by FSIS. In the event that any employee commits an egregious inhumane act, FSIS has complete authority to cease operations and hold both the company and the employee responsible. We pride ourselves with having the best trained workforce and continue certification to maintain a superior facility,” the statement reads.

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