Pandemic wildlife changes in Idaho

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 7:40 PM MDT
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Changes to wildlife have been noticed all around the world, due to global isolation orders. So, on the 50th anniversary of earth day, we wanted to know if Idaho’s wildlife has seen any differences.

You've seen it all over the news, from hatchlings are returning to Thailand’s empty beaches to goats roaming the streets of wales. However, unlike bigger cities, with more stringent stay-in-place orders... Wildlife in Idaho hasn't seen too many drastic abnormalities. Although, in the bird community, because of less human traffic, you might see an increase in backyard birds. You also might find nests in business areas, where birds never nested before.

We spoke Jennifer Rockwell, who is the Director of the Ruth Melichar Bird Center, which is a bird rescue over in Boise. She says, the center could see an influx of new birds. "People are now all over the trails, all over the hills and all over the parks. So, actually I could get more wildlife brought in, because more people out on the trails where birds are also nesting."

Since people are now either at home or out in nature, wildlife could be entering into new territory. Some of the changes this pandemic has brought about in nature, have actually been healing our planet. That's according to a Biology Professor, Randy Smith, who is also the Co-Chair of The Sustainability Council at the College of Southern Idaho.

Wildlife might be roaming around in different locations, but water quality has improved and the earth has greatly bounced back from air pollution. Since there are less cars on the roads and factories closing. "I think it gives us a snapshot of the impact we as humans have on our planet. When all of a sudden you reduce our impact significantly, you'll see that that the earth is resilient and it responds relatively quickly. This is kind of a wake up… like whoa, this is what it could be like," expressed Smith.

He also said, we can always work together to make this planet a better place. This earth day, would have marked CSI’s 11th annual Sustainability Fair if it weren't for the viral pandemic.

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