Paranormal experts say eclipse may affect spiritual activity

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - With the total solar eclipse coming the planning and the preparation may have you stressed, but some paranormal experts say it could be heavenly energies working on you.

Eric Aldridge of Magic Valley Paranormal told KMVT he thinks the aligning of the sun and the moon could heighten our emotions and behaviors, and if it can heighten ours, why wouldn't it affect the spirits around us?

While he doesn't think ghosts will pop up when the shadow descends, he did say they may be more active.

"If you're in a location that has a lot of paranormal activity, I mean, I think over the last month and into the next month I think it will be a little bit amplified," Aldridge said.

Aldrigde said while some groups may be monitoring the eclipse for ghost activity, many are using the heightened spiritual presence as a time for group meditations for peace and good will.

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