Parenting classes offered at St. Luke's Jerome

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) St. Luke's in Jerome is offering a weekly parenting session that includes lectures, skills training and homework for parents of children ages three to 11.
This program, titled "Love, Limits and Latitude" is an evidence based plan for parenting. The mental health therapist who oversees the classes in Jerome, says its 12 sessions, allowing parents the opportunity to role play and get practice and feedback from other parents.

She says once children feel connected to their parents, they will do things to please them and often their behavior will improve.

Misbehavior can sometimes stem from children feeling unloved or needing attention.

The goal is to create a bond while also focusing on discipline. It's important to accept a child for who they are as an individual and help them create their own ideas and opinions.

She says it’s okay for a child to be different than his or her parents and she loves the progress she sees within her patients.

“It's always exciting to see when the light turns on in someone, in someone whose been struggling and having a hard time and suddenly saying ‘you know, I got it, I think I can do it. I will use this I will follow your directions or I will try this or try that,’ said Millie Gaitangonzalez, mental health therapist. “When they start getting it. I think that's the most exciting thing once people get it, when people realize they have all the power inside themselves to improve their lives.”

Classes are held on Wednesdays at the Barley conference room in Jerome. Registration is required, you can call (208) 814-9875.

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